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Hollywood sold out (с) Adam Lambert
29.09.2011 в 19:26
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Адам просит голосовать за него!

Adam Lambert asks fans to vote for him in the MTV OMAs

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert has encouraged his Twitter followers to vote for him in the forthcoming MTV OMA awards.

The 'Whataya Want From Me' hitmaker has been nominated in the Fan Army FTW category, which comes with the tag line "they pledge rabid allegiance, to the band", and earlier today (September 29) asked his 1.2 million followers to help him win:

"I’ve got the best fans, and I know you’ll help me win the Fan Army FTW category. Vote @MTVOMA now!"

Voting for the digital awards show is now open and the prize-giving celebration is set to take place on October 31. Lambert is no stranger to the OMAs as he took home the World's Most Inappropriate Blog title at the inaugral ceremony back in April.


"У меня есть лучшие фанаты, и я знаю, вы поможете мне победить"

ссылка для голосования:

голосовать можно бесконечно хоть каждую минуту))

Форма для голосования там не простая, кто не поймет - пишите в комменты, расскажу)) сама потратила сутки чтобы разобраться)

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